Edie grew up in the lowlands of Holland in a suburban street much like any other. At age 19 she left to see the world eventually landing in LA where she began a career in music, releasing four albums over six years, touring Europe and America.

In her mid-twenties, on a year’s sabbatical back home in Holland, she switched her attention to the visual arts, experimenting with pastels and acrylic, painting through the night till a work was finished.

Childhood is a central theme of her work. The characters in her pictures are amazed by the world around them. They fly in hot air balloons, perch on tree branches and walk hand in hand through beguiling, fantastic landscapes.

Her art has appeared in galleries and museums throughout her adopted home of New York City, and on prints and greeting cards for sale in children’s boutiques and nationwide gift stores like Papyrus.

She has illustrated several children’s books and since 2010 has had a permanent showcase at the Union Square Holiday Market in Manhattan where she has a store selling prints and originals. 

In 2016 she created the short animated film ‘Day’. It was shown at film festivals around the world. To this day she continues to create animations of her own art work, combined with recordings of her own music.

Art for her, she says, is about daring to give up any control.

She says - Art is not really about a learned technique, not about speculation of what a listener/viewer will hear/see, not really about re-creating.
It is about just opening certain channels and letting light and darkness flow. Just as they naturally would. It’s about daring to give up any control over these things that art is NOT about. It’s about capturing a moment, a glimpse, an idea, a feeling. It’s about going into a place where nothing else exists except for the moment and the act of creating