Newest paintings! Check the ‘paintings’ section [2019] to see more.

This is a new animated lyric video for the book Like a Prayer.

Like a Prayer is one of the 7 mindfulness books for children in the series Stories for Being that we published out early this year. Check them out!

"Inside each and every common and ordinary day, lies a wealth of color, movement, magic and extraordinary reality."
Watch Edie's Short animation 'DAY' The short is Edie's first short film, it was released in 2017 and shown at 4 festivals worldwide.  
Visit THIS PAGE to see the paintings that the film was based on.

This animated video of Edie's artwork was made for the deeply inspired song "In Dreams" by Jai Jagdeesh. Watch, listen, enjoy!


Mindful ABC’s

If you’re gonna teach your kids that E is for something, why not that it’s for ‘Eat your Greens’…or that the L is for ‘Love more’…and the S for ‘Sing your song’, etc. Thoughtful and meaningful ways to add to the learning process of the alphabet.

The mindfulness poster is now available in the Edie Art Etsy shop- get yours today!